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Get Prepaid MasterCard For FREE


Hi, If you are a webMaster, WebMarketer or working online, than Payoneer Master Card is best payment option to receive payment from many companies like Odesk, Amazon, ClickBank, PayPal and many more.. and most of all ITS FREE and it can be delivered into your home adress + $25 bonus, if you use this link to sign up :)

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Bluehost Review - Everything You Need to Know


Hi this is david, and 'im going to try to take you a little bit deeper dive, you may not seen into other reviews and try to give you some quality informations, give you some things, that some others may not give you.
so let's begin !
Over 70 years experience as webhosting provider, Bluehost continues as the largest brand name when it comes to WordPress and small business hosting.
They have been deemed an official and recommended "WordPress" hosting provider.
So this my Bluehost review don't miss out !

Bluehost Review, DO NOT MISS OUT

so now ALL you have to do is :
Step 1. Follow THIS LINK to Get the Best Price at Bluehost.
Step 2. Hit "Sign up Now" button.
Step 3. Enter your domain name.
Step 4. Complete the purchase form with required details.
That's all! You will now have an account with BlueHost and can start using all of their features.
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What is search engine optimisation "SEO"


      SEO or search engine optimisation its a process done by a webmaster SEO service Firm in order to get a high ranking in search engine result pages (SERPs), by using some SEO techniques that help a website achieve a higher ranking and get such authority in search results!

To achieve this,there are a lot of things that a webmaster or SEO service Firm can do :
  •  An SEO Strategy
An infographic by GoBeyond SEO provides one type of plan for developing an SEO strategy. It features seven steps.

  • SEO Copywriting : Content optimization by using your keywords in a page of your site "internal linking" to get higher ranking .
  • Keyword Research : It's done Thorough a research of your industry and identification of which keywords and phrases will achieve the best results.
  • Link Building : The process of creating a backlink or links on another website pointing back to your own website. Backlinks are Critical for SEO because they affect directly the PageRank of any web page, influencing its search rankings.
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Top 5 Games of 2013


Do you are a games lover, and you like to know what are the best games of the year 2013, well then you are in the right place, through this post, which will offer you the 5 best games currently available on the market !
let's begin :
Name :  Grand Theft Auto V
Devices : GTA 5 has been released on both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360
Game Type : Action / Adventure /
Official cover :

Devices : XBOX 360 / PS3 / PC / WII / PS4 / XBOX ONE
company : UBISOFT
Game Type : Action / Adventure /
Official cover : 

Name :  Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
Devices : XBOX 360 / PS3 / PC / WII / PS4 / XBOX ONE
company : UBISOFT
Game Type : Action / Adventure /
Official cover : 

Name :  Call of Duty
Devices : XBOX 360 / PS3 / PC / WII / PS4 / XBOX ONE
company : Activision
Game Type : Shooter
Official cover : 

Name :  Battlefield 4
Devices : XBOX 360 / PS3 / PC / WII / PS4 / XBOX ONE
company :  EA Digital Illusions CE
Game Type : Shooter
Official cover :

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1 Day on the internet !

In this infographie you will see something that you can never imagine !
what happen every single day on the internet !
the answers is Here :

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Useful windows cmd commands

There are a lot of think you can do on your pc just from CMD, but in this article i'm going to show just few CMD commands, but those are the most poplar and important ones.

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Send and receive FAX from computer for free

Some companies that slow-moving or some government agencies may not accept documents via e-mail, which the only availlable thing is FAX.in addition there are only few shops equipped with fax and some times you Have to cut a long distance to find one ): so in this article i'm going to show step by step how to send and receive faxes  only with your computer.

Step 1 : use a scanner to scan your documment
step 2 : send this doc to FAX via internet with Hellofax  

How to Use  Hellofax 


If you want to receive Faxes there is only paid services but you can get a free 30 days trial :) bay the way you can receive faxes :) this is the link : https://www.hellofax.com/info/pricing than you have to choose
Home Office package and apply for 30 days trial enjoy .
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How Torrent's Downloads Work

On the internet, you can find a lot of torrents files on differents websites such as forums, blogs etc..and there is a lot of users prefer downloading via torrent Like me ;) so what is torrents and how its work !
the word of torrent is not an official word but its mean bittorrent, and bittorent is a peer-to-peer file-sharing protocol and this kind of protocol don't need a server , its mean that all computers connected to this network play a role of servers.
In this 2 quicks animated Videos we are going to show You How Torrents Work.

The second video enjoy !

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How to save iphone 5 battery

IPhone 5 probably drains battery pretty fast, for this reason i have decided to give you some tricks and extreme ways to save juice and extend your iPhone battery life.,so if you're serious about saving battery power follow these steps in this video tutorial.
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Run android apps on PC/MAC

Hello guys, in this tutorial i'm going to show you, how to download and run android programs, applications (such as viber, whatsapps etc ...) on your computer "Mac Or Pc" . This is a very easy tutorial all you have to do is just to follow the steps and you'll be running android apps on your pc or mac in no time!
enjoy this video tutorial and share it with your friends :)

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Where I'm going to Publish Premium Accounts ?

Hello Guys How Are you :) 
In the past 3 month I have stopped Publishing Premium Accounts on Premium Login, i have received a lot of emails From Filefactory, videobb and a lot of other Filesharing and video streaming websites, where they told me ,if i don't stop publishing premium accounts on premium login they will send a report to google and it will close my website , because i use "blogger platform" .
But now i have a so nice idea, i will publish some internet tips and tricks and articles on premium login and i will publish premium accounts on our official facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/FreePremiumAccountsandCookiesDailyUpdate so what do you waiting for, click on the like button to stay updated by fresh and exclusive premium accounts :)
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Free avast 1 year license !

Hello guys, today i have made a video where i'm going to show you how to get Free avast 1 year license !"Legal and official Way"

You will get this key with your own complete name, so now all you need to do, is to follow this video instructions, and enjoy Free avast 1 year license  :)

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How To Get Free Prepaid Visa Card

Hello Guys Today I'm Going to show you How To order a Free Prepaid Card Online And it will be sent to your home Adress :)

This Prepaid Card Called Payza prepaid card is Recognized in all Over the Global locations. In order to buy the card. You Got To Have the minimum Amount of 20 dollars on your payza account to Order It.The fee also includes charges for the purpose of delivering the card to your residence.
Read More About This Card here : http://www.edealspot.com/en/payza-prepaid-card
Ordering the Payza prepaid card : https://helpdesk.payza.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/610/99/how-do-i-order-my-prepaid-card
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What is Minecraft

A lot of people asked me About Minecraft "what is minecraft, how to play minecraft, what is minecraft about, what is minecraft forge,what is minecraft tekkit,what is minecraft modloader; and more and more questions," hhh Minecraft Is So Damn Popular :)

1-what is minecraft
First Minecraft is a sandbox game where no limit of you imagination you can build anything you can imagine in a 3D . At night monsters come out, make sure to build a shelter before that happens :)

2-how to play minecraft
visit these links to see how :)

2-What is minecraft modloader
its a Mod Manager for Minecraft game which allows you to install new modifications and content.
you can get it from here : 

Watch the Official Minecraft Trailer to know mores about this game:)

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Minecraft Premium Accounts

All This Accounts Purshased By Premuim Login Admins and Some Accounts donated by some minecraft Users.

Attention : This Page Updated Every 2 Hours ok

Rules: Please Don't Be Stupid And Change The Pass, If You DO i'm going to delete This Page And NO Minecraft accounts anymore ! ok .

Minecraft Premium Accounts 19.11.2012 :

Excuse me Guys But I have Decided To Close This Page, because when i publish or send any minecraft account, the password get changed,i have spent more than 50 dollars on these accounts to help you guys, but some stupid people change the pass of the accounts i publish ):

Minecraft Premium Accounts 19 november 2012 :
Minecraft Premium Accounts 19-11-2012 :
All This Accounts Purshased By Premuim Login Admins and Some Accounts donated by some minecraft Users.
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Turbobit Premium Account "Unlimited"

Hello guys today i have a very good trick, allow you to download from turbobit.net like a premium member yes like a premium member and this trick tested by me enjoy.

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Minecraft ModLoader 1.3.2 Mod

I think every one know ModLoader 1.3.2, ModLoader is more likely a Mod installer for Minecraft. It will manage all the mods for you.this awesome Mod is to make Minecrafters life better!

How to Install ModLoader 1.3.2 for Minecraft 


Download ;


Enjoy dear Minecrafters

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