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As many of you are probably aware of, yesterday Megaupload shut down by Feds.

In response to that, Anonymous took down several government and music websites.

Fileserve removed it's affiliate page as of few minutes ago, because USA/FBI thinks that a legal part of their TOS is not enough to protect them, where users are responsible for their own content, and not filehost itself. Also, their thread disappeared from WJunction.

Who's next on FBI most wanted filehost list? Why all this, when SOPA/PIPA loose their support? All these could be done way back, if that is even legitimate, and by law. Smells fishy...

All sharing functionality on FileSonic is now disabled

VideoBB closed it's affiliate program.

Latest news:

Filepost started suspending accounts with infringing material not available in U.S. anymore

No affiliate/make money page

Deleting multiple files.

Closed affiliate program.

(Owned by FileServe) Deleting multiple files. Testing out blocking some USA IP addresses.

(Owned by FileServe) Deleting multiple files. Testing out blocking some USA IP addresses.


Inovasi IT said...

what ? so , how to download from filesonic friend ? :(

premium-login said...

no download from filesonic

gimj3000 said...

so sad

lisapower said...

Now all Hosters will only allow to Upload & Download for Personal use, so sharing to other People don't work anymore.

The idea is the same like Apples iCloud. Welcome to the New World Order. Where everything is under control of a few Corps. If you don't know, they own you! bether to wake up and fight against this Dictatorship!

All this don't happend only because of piracy, it's because they loose control and creability, Knowlegde is power, and with internet we can share knowledge, and this is what they don't want.

In other words: "We don't burn Books down anymore, We don't let them start to write them"

maybe going back to "Torrents" is a solution?


lisapower said...

Fileserve is working for me. only a question of time.

rezha sya said...

Entering the darkness sad

Carlos Tapia said...

Friend fileserve re-active his services please give more premium acounts.........