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Send and receive FAX from computer for free

Some companies that slow-moving or some government agencies may not accept documents via e-mail, which the only availlable thing is FAX.in addition there are only few shops equipped with fax and some times you Have to cut a long distance to find one ): so in this article i'm going to show step by step how to send and receive faxes  only with your computer.

Step 1 : use a scanner to scan your documment
step 2 : send this doc to FAX via internet with Hellofax  

How to Use  Hellofax 


If you want to receive Faxes there is only paid services but you can get a free 30 days trial :) bay the way you can receive faxes :) this is the link : https://www.hellofax.com/info/pricing than you have to choose
Home Office package and apply for 30 days trial enjoy .

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