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Hi, If you are a webMaster, WebMarketer or working online, than Payoneer Master Card is best payment option to receive payment from many companies like Odesk, Amazon, ClickBank, PayPal and many more.. and most of all ITS FREE and it can be delivered into your home adress + $25 bonus, if you use this link to sign up :)

I had received Mine :)

So now i'm going to show you step by step how to get one :)

First you need to know that you cannot apply for Payoneer Debit Card if you're still under 18 years, But you CAN apply for your Mother's, Father's, Elder Brother's, Elder Sister's Name & correct details. So please make sure you provide real & accurate information when you signup to Payoneer Debit Card.

Follow These Guidelines.

  1. Fill ONLY your real details.
  2. Fill your Birthday accurately.
  3. Type your name according to your National ID, Driver's License, Passport.
  4. Last Name should be your Surname ONLY.
  5. Type your Home Address correctly.
  6. Type 2 working & valid Phone numbers.
  7. Remember the Security Question you choose and the Answer for that security question. You'll be asked this answer frequently when you contact Payoneer CS.
  8. Save your Payoneer Debit Card username, password, security question, security question answer in your computer & write down them in your Personal Diary.
Okay..! Let's fill the Payoneer Debit Card Application as follows. Click Here to get to the Pre Application Page.

Now you need to see the following page and click the 'Sign Up! >'

Once you clicked the 'Sign Up!', you'll be redirected to the following page. Now click the 'Start Here'.

Now Fill the Form as requested & guided by the Image below.
  Payoneer Debit Card Application Guide 1

Once you finished Filling the First Part, click on Step II and start filling as requested and guided by the Image.

Payoneer Debit Card Application Guide 2
Now proceed to the Step III which is the final part of the Payoneer Debit Card Application process and fill it as requested and guided by the Image.

Payoneer Debit Card Application Guide 3

Okay..! Now you're finished applying for Payoneer Debit Card. Payoneer team will take 2-3 days to Approve or Deny your Application and If you get Deny, Then you should have submitted the wrong information, fake information, illegal information, wrong birthdate or you're still under 18years.

Once you are Approved, Payoneer Debit Card will be send out in an AirMail from the Payoneer. Payoneer Debit Card Approval email mentions that you'll receive your Payoneer  Debit Card around a particular date. But in reality, Payoneer Debit Card will come to your home 1 Week before the date they mention in that Approval Email. Usually 15-24 Days needs to have Payoneer AirMail to see your home..!!

Signup Now if you're still didn't for Payoneer Debit Card today and receive the $25 Bonus reserved for you. Remember this $25 Bonus is NOT a Forever Valid bonus and this is a Limited Time Offer. So act now and signup for the Payoneer Debit Card before it's too late..!

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